Why choose Calabria?

Calabria is a region situated in the extreme south of the Italian peninsula, it’s lapped by the Ionian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea, and is separated from Sicily by the spectacular Strait of Messina.
Cradle of the Magna Grecia (Great Greece), it was conquered by the Byzantines, Normans, Swabians and other peoples. It shows indelible traces of its past: archaeological parks, churches and monasteries, castles and palaces reveal a fascinating and surprising history, as well as the towns and places where people still maintain the ancient language and some customs and traditions.
Calabria has warm, dry summers and mild winters in most areas, therefore all seasons are pleasant , offering various and different experiences to visitors. For those who love nature, its scents and colors, we suggest to explore the Calabrian hinterland, discovering pure and unspoiled landscapes with forests, lakes and waterfalls. There are also rocky and arid landscapes, which present small rivers running through the mountains that seem like deep cuts, making this territory always different and special.
In the winter you have the opportunity to admire the beautiful snowy landscapes and to practice winter sports in the various ski resorts.
For those who prefer to spend their summer vacation at sea, sunbathing on long golden beaches or diving into a crystal-clear sea, we suggest to choose from the many charming localities along Calabria’s 780 km coastline.
A trip in Calabria is also a journey through the intense and genuine flavors of the local cuisine, which include traditional seafood dishes and meat dishes, as well as cakes and pastries for special occasions, such as religious festivities. During the year, several events of folklore and religion happen: there are centuries-old rites which have both sacred and profane features.
A trip in Calabria offers all this and much more: explore Calabria and you will be amazed!

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